About Us

Revlon Hair Dryer Brush is a dynamic company based in the US. We are American, art and beauty are in our traditions and in our history. We want to establish a new standard of American and European beauty, composed in part by the US elegance and style and partly by Revlon Hair Dryer Brush.

We specialize exclusively in the treatment of afro and curly hair and in cosmetics for American and European and Revlon Hair Dryer groups. Our high specialization allows us to meet specific needs for afro and curly hair care through specific and synergistic treatments with a dryer brush.

We use the FPM (Flexible Production Method) product development system that allows us to constantly evolve our lines based on the comments of our customers. This constant process of development and optimization has led us to achieve excellent results.

Our team is regularly expanding. We are constantly looking for collaborators specialized in the care of kinky and curly hair. Contact us for more information through our contact us page or directly contact us through email. contact@revlonhairdryerbrush.com

Note: We are sharing our expert’s opinions here, so please if you have facing any serious diseases related to your hair please consult with your doctor before any tips or hairdryer brush.